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If Saliva Were Red

If Saliva Were Red is an 8-minute video (on DVD) produced by OSAP that uses real dental health care personnel to highlight:If Saliva Were Red

  • common dental infection control and safety flaws,
  • the cross-contamination dental workers would see if saliva were red, and
  • how controlling contamination by using personal barrier protection, safe work practices, and effective infection control products, reduces the risk of exposure.

Produced without a voice track, the video uses visual rather than verbal cues to stress the need for procedure-specific dental infection control, making it a suitable training tool for classrooms and practices around the world, regardless of native language.

The DVD also includes an 8-page companion book — How to Tell the Story: A Trainer's Guide— providing educators, consultants, and in-practice instructors with visual cues and talking points from the DVD, answers to common questions, a checklist of the elements of a comprehensive dental personnel training program, and lists of web resources. 

Note: Currently this activity does not offer CE credits.


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Original release date 2003. Re-released in 2006, 2012, and 2013.

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